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Innovative Integration is a data acquisition company, designs rugged and COTS high speed, real-time recording systems, and embedded boards, for DSP, software radio and data acquisition with digital & analog interfaces and FPGAs for XMC, FMC, PMC, cPCI, PCIe, VME, & VPX

Andale Turnkey, High-Speed Data Acquisition with up to 48 TB Hard Disk Array
  • Turnkey, High-Speed Data Acquisition + Storage
  • Runs Windows7/i7 CPU in ATX enclosure with integrated cooling
  • Up to 48 TB Hard Disk Array
  • Expandable storage via external JBOD
  • 2600 MB/s sustained performance from analog or digital I/O module to standard NTFS disk files
  • Supports all Innovative X3, X5 &X6 IO module features including triggering and timing features.
  • Wideband (500 MHz) logging/playback
  • Autonomous or Network-controlled operation via named pipe
  • High-Speed Recording/Playback
  • Laboratory or Factory Instrumentation


Andale (pronounced on' duh lay) is a powerful data logging system which directly controls an NTFS disk subsystem to support gap-free storage or playback of analog or digital signals acquired using the Innovative X-series XMC modules. The included logging software moves data in real-time between the analog or digital I/O peripherals on any Innovative XMC module to/from dedicated SATA drives with minimal intervention from application software or Windows.

Dedicated PCI Express SATA3 RAID controllers interface to conventional hard/SSD drives supporting data flow rates up to 2600 MB/s, sustained. File sizes are limited only by the amount of disk storage available. Two terabytes of storage are available in the standard configuration; An optional 48 TB configuration is available and even larger storage is supported via external JBOD enclosures. Call Innovative for details.

A multitude of analog/digital I/O interfaces are available through optional XMC modules. Up to four X-series modules may be installed and operated simultaneously in the chassis.

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RoHS CompliantWorks with Windows
X5 XMC Ruggedization Level Table
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PMC to PCI Express Adapter Board
80166-0 - more info
PMC to PCI Express Adapter Board
Fast, Simple PCI Express Adaptation for PMC and PTMC Modules
XMCe to PCI Express Adapter Board
80172-0 - more info
XMCe to PCI Express Adapter Board
Adapt one XMC.3 (PCI Express VITA 42.3) module to a PCI Express slot. PCI Express x1 to XMC.3 module interface.
XMCe to PCI Express Adapter Board (eight lane)
80173-0 - more info
XMCe to PCI Express Adapter Board (eight lane)
XMC PCI Express VITA 42.3 module to a PCIe slot. PCI Express x8 to XMC.3 module interface.
PCIe XMC Eight Lane Adapter for X6 Modules
PCIe XMC Eight Lane Adapter for X6 Modules
Part Number: 90036-1,90036-2,90036-4,90036-5,90036-7,90036-6,90036-9, 90036-7, 90036-9, 90036-11
Family: Data Logger
Bus Type: PCI Express
Bus Width:
Bus Speed:
Form Factor: Custom
Functions: Data Logger
DSP Quantity: 0
DSP Speed (total):
FPGA Size:
FPGA Quantity: 0
A/D Channels: 0
A/D Resolution:
A/D Rate:
D/A Channels: 0
D/A Resolution:
D/A Rate:
Digital IO:
Peripherals: 80166-0,80172-0,80173-0,80259