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Innovative Integration is a data acquisition company that designs embedded electronics with digital & analog interfaces and FPGAs for digital signal processing, software radio and data acquisition applications used in industrial and rugged environments.

Digital Receiver K701

Digital Receiver Overview > Ruggedized Embedded PC-based Instrument with Eight DDC, Spectrum Analyzer and Kintex 7 FPGA

  • Digital Receiver K701

Block Diagram
  • Digital Receiver K701

Ruggedization Level Table
  • Ruggedization Level Table

Digital Receiver K701 Peripherals

Quick Specs
Part Number: 90609-0-L0
Family: Software
Bus Type: CompactPCI
Bus Width:
Bus Speed:
Form Factor: Stand-Alone
DSP Quantity: 0
DSP Speed (total):
FPGA Size:
FPGA Quantity: 0
A/D Channels: 0
A/D Resolution:
A/D Rate:
D/A Channels: 0
D/A Resolution:
D/A Rate:
Digital IO:
Peripherals: 67150 · 36043
  • Two or four (optional), 16-bit, 250 MHz ADCs; analog bandwidth 300 MHz (AC Coupled)
  • Two 16-bit, 500 MHz DACs; analog bandwidth 600 MHz (AC Coupled)
  • Xilinx Kintex-7 K410T2 FPGA
  • Intel i7 Quad Core, 16 GB RAM, dual 1 GbE
  • Sustained logging rate up-to 1,300 MByte/s
  • Embedded power meter
  • Optional GPS 10 MHz ref clock/PPS

  • Digital Down-Converter (DDC)
  • Eight independent 16-bit DDC channels
  • Programmable tuner: 1 – 250 MHz; resolution 0.0582 Hz
  • Programmable bandwidth: 10 KHz – 100 MHz
  • Bandwidth 10 MHz DDC: SNR > 64 dB; SFDR > 83 dB
  • Support synchronous down-sampling on multiple channels using external clock/trigger
  • Synchronous VITA-49 timestamp

  • Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
  • FFT Length: 32,768; 50% overlapped
  • Real-time Bandwidth: 100 MHz
  • Resolution Bandwidth: 3.8 KHz
  • 100% Probability of Intercept: 393 μsec
  • Digital Receiver
  • Real-Time Spectrum Analysis
  • Surveillance
  • Software Defined Radio

Digital Receiver K701 Overview

The K701 Digital Receiver supports one or two FMC-250 plug-in modules providing up to four antenna inputs and eight independent channels of DDC and one spectrum analyzer embedded in a Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA. It supports monitoring and/or recording of wide- or narrow-band spectra or channelized IF band data. The receiver supports contiguous recording at 1,300 MByte/s with four SSDs until running out of disk space.

Each DDC has its own programmable tuner, programmable low- pass filtering, gain control, and decimation settings, supporting output bandwidth up-to 100 MHz. Data is packetized in VITA-49 format with accurate timestamps, synchronous to an external PPS signal. Each DDC channel can be enabled and disabled on the fly to conserve host computer storage and bandwidth. An embedded power meter monitors the power (dBm) of the ADC inputs, supporting analog gain control of optional, user-supplied external front-end devices.

The spectrum analyzer, which supports windowing, calculates the wide-band spectrum of raw ADC data or the narrow-band spectrum of the cooked DDC output data at a programmable update rate. A programmable peak hold feature may be enabled to latch transient activity in the spectrum and the programmable threshold monitoring spectrum feature tracks spectral activities of up-to 512 bins.

A development kit is available for custom designs. Users can insert custom-made cores to create more advanced applications.

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