Innovative Integration provides signal and sensor processing solutions to embedded design teams across the globe.  The solutions encompass the entire design flow, from prototype hardware and DSP algorithm development to packaging, miniaturization, and full production.

The company was started in 1988, and was initially acquired by Interconnect Systems Inc (ISI) in 2012.  In 2016, ISI was acquired by Molex, Inc., and now officially operates under the ISI Business Unit of Molex.

The foundation of our business is customer relationships and cooperative problem solving.  Our goal is to partner with our customers and add value to the design and manufacturing process, so our customers achieve their product and business goals more reliably and cost effectively.

Innovative Integration is a DBA of Interconnect Systems International LLC

Who We Serve

Innovative Integration’s customers encompass a broad range of industries, including medical imaging, Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Quantum Computing, and Autonomous Driving Automotive Systems (ADAS). Whether our customers utilize signals that are high precision/low frequency or high bandwidth/high frequency, we maintain consistency in our goal to create the right solution for customers, both technically and economically.

How We Serve

Our team is focused on creating signal processing solutions, using our internal expertise in board design, firmware and DSP logic design, and software architecture.  Due to the vast array of applications in analog, IF, and RF signal processing, no customer has the exact same hardware or software requirements.  Therefore, we treat each customer individually, and strive to understand the requirements necessary for product achievement.

Precision Sampling Rate Generation and Triggering Controls with GPS and High Precision Reference

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Our Products

Our hardware focuses on FPGA devices connected to ADC and DAC devices on either a single board or multiple boards, depending upon the application.  Our SoC solutions utilize Xilinx Zynq chips to provide a self-contained, fully functional system without the need for a host computer.  In cases that require a host computer, we offer PCIe, PXI, XMC, and FMC based hardware.

For customers looking for a more system level solution, we offer digital receivers, digital signal generators, host computers and data recorders.  All can be housed in conventional or ruggedized chassis.  They also can be designed for specific use cases, such as airborne or high dust environments.

All of our hardware uses the same Framework Logic software to support development.  This package is designed to give users the ability to bring the board up quickly, so they can focus on project tasks as opposed to hardware or driver layer tasks.  We have various signal processing IP cores available as well.  Users can pick and choose from various filtering and Digital Down Convert (DDC) modules.

How To Get Started With Us

Our interactions always start with a conversation about what you are looking for.  We will listen to understand your issues, then make recommendations on how we can work together or not.  We cannot guarantee success, but what we will guarantee is honesty about whether we can help you or not, and a realistic cost and timeframe on how to get there.

Precision Sampling Rate Generation and Triggering Controls with GPS and High Precision Reference

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