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ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

The race to develop autonomous vehicles (AV) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) has created unprecedented problems in the electronics that must support this technology.  From handling and processing data from multiple sensors in real-time to the reliability, cost, and size constraints necessary for mass vehicle deployment, the challenge for designers to meet these requirements is difficult.

At Innovative Integration, we understand the problems of ADAS electronics implementations, and strive to work with our customer to design fast, reliable, yet cost-effective hardware solutions.  We have expertise in sensor, LiDAR, and video processing in real-time, across multiple channels.  Our solutions are comprised of FPGA or ASIC based hardware, signal processing algorithms, and miniaturization and packaging solutions for a full prototype-to-production solution.

Precision Sampling Rate Generation and Triggering Controls with GPS and High Precision Reference

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Capture Signals No One Else Can

Fast Prototyping for LiDAR Based ADAS

Our off the shelf prototype hardware is powerful enough to process the multiple channels necessary in an ADAS equipped vehicle.  This creates a “fast prototype” solution to test proof of concept so algorithms can be flushed out during development.  Our customers can significantly reduce design time by using the inherent ability of our FPGA based cards to adjust signal processing and functional algorithms on the fly.

Preparing for Manufacturing

During the design phase, we work with your engineering team to miniaturize and cost optimize the design.  Miniaturization can start with the die level silicon and end with connector and case sizing.  This is done in full consideration of the reliability and durability requirements necessary for a consumer automotive application.  Cost optimization is done at multiple levels from materials optimization to chip optimization.

Manufacturing Done Within Our Facilities

We have full manufacturing and quality control abilities to meet global supply chain requirements at our Camarillo CA headquarters and our parent company Molex headquarters in Lisle, Il.

The Next Step

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