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Hardware solutions for radar applications are more complex than ever.  Increasing complexity in modulation and transmission schemes, new frequency bands, and varying solution objectives create a challenge in finding the right balance of tradeoffs.

Innovative Integration’s radar hardware solutions use a modular approach to radar applications.  We start with a host computer or embedded SoC card that houses building blocks of either XMC or FMC slots.  The computers contain the latest FPGA processing chips on the market, going all the way up to a Xilinx Ultrascale plus chip.

Precision Sampling Rate Generation and Triggering Controls with GPS and High Precision Reference

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These host carriers can be mated to our line of signal acquisition and signal generation cards.  The cards range from single channel to 16 channels, sample rates of up to 3.6 GSPS, and bandwidths of up to 6 GHz.  This give the user the digital signal processing horsepower need to process multiple channel simultaneously, along with the appropriate acquisition cards.

In addition to carrier cards and acquisition hardware, we also offer multiple firmware and software solutions to fit your needs.  Our firmware library includes various signal processing solutions, from Digital Down Convert or Up Convert code to demodulation schemes.  On the software side, we offer our Framework logic development platform, allowing users to bring up and develop their applications quickly.

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