RF AD mode register control

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RF AD mode register control

Postby Nicolas » Mon Jul 03, 2006 8:38 am

Hi all,

We would like to obtain a confirmation about the way to feed the RF analogue IN buffers :
The Omnibus HW.pdf page 156 gives us details about the 4 possible modes:

A/D and D/A Mode Register
Bit Field
Name Function
Mode 0 1-Channel, 12-bit
Mode 1 2-Channel, 12-bit
Mode 2 1-Channel, 8-bit
Mode 3 2-Channel. 8-bit

What is the address of this A/D and D/A Mode Register?
Can you show us how to write in it ?
Where in the initialisation, this settings shouls be ? (Before, after a LOAD MODULE)??
Is there an all ready made example that demonstrate these A/D mode settings ?

Thanks for your help.
Nicolas Moreau.

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RF AD mode register contro

Postby gmiller » Mon Jul 03, 2006 10:10 am

The RF module in the Omnibus Manual has a Memory Mapping section. This section gives the relative offset from the base of the "Site" address. The A/D register is IOMOD(site 0, 1, 2) + 0xA. Also shown is the D/A register at offset 0xB.

Note: IOMOD will be a different address on each base board. This can be found in the Named baseboard manual

In the Example AnalogInTest.cpp and the AnalogOutTest.cpp they both show the special case of the RF/CF module. The Load Module is done first, then writing the register for the mode.


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