How do I sync 2 omnibus modules with Pismo

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How do I sync 2 omnibus modules with Pismo

Postby gmiller » Thu Mar 23, 2006 8:53 am

I found a way of syncing 2 AD16's on a Sbc6713e together without needing to use DIO etc to drive the external gate on the AD16's. I have one thread per AnalogStream, and in that thread I set the DDS frequency to 0. Then I have a master thread that waits until the AnalogStream::Get has been called on each acquisition thread (signalled via a semaphore), then the master thread creates a DdsClock and sets the desired clock frequency there. That syncs both modules Ok because the Get() is just waiting for data to begin appearing from the AD16's, so both streams start when the Dds starts.
Then the acquisition threads put the pointers to the buffers from the AnalogStream in a Q for each module, which the master thread reads from and sends the buffers to the Host in order of Module0, Module1, Module0, Module1 etc.
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