Framework Logic
Development Tools for High Speed Signal Processing in FPGAs

The FrameWork Logic tools provide comprehensive support for FPGA signal processing development RTL for Innovative Integration products. The logic development cycle is shortened by building application logic within the FrameWork Logic hardware layer using pre-written and verified IP cores. The RTL tools provide the flexibility of a high-level language.



  • MATLAB and VHDL Board Support Packages
  • Comprehensive hardware support and tools for signal processing
  • Hardware inteface layer design structure allows rapid integration of application-specific code
  • Designed to support real-time signal processing and data acquisition
  • Reference designs illustrating hardware use


  • High Speed Signal Processing Development for FPGAs

Check out FrameWork tools in action with the Custom DSP Algorithm on a Xilinx FPGA Video Tutorial.

To develop FPGA firmware, the Innovative Framework Logic package for the specific board-level product is required. The Framework Logic package contains annotated VHDL source code for the stock firmware. These VHDL components are packaged so that they may optionally be used within the Mathworks Simulink environment, allowing bit-true, cycle-true simulation in the custom design. VHDL is the preferred environment when developing basic logic functionality, but the Mathworks tools are preferred for sophisticated digital signal processing firmware development.

In addition to the II Framework Logic package, you will also need the following third-party tools:

For VHDL development

  1. Xilinx Design Tools
    • ISE foundation with ISE Simulator Virtex 6 and earlier
      Vivado (for Kintex 7 Series devices and later)Xilinx Vivado
    • ChipScope Pro
    • System Generator for DSP (see note 1, below)
  2. Mentor Graphics Design Tools
    • ModelSim PE or SE Simulator

For Matlab/Simulink

  1. Mathworks Design Tools (Note 1)
    • Matlab
    • Simulink
    • DSP System Toolbox

Note 1: This Toolset is required only to develop custom DSP logic with II BSP.

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