Mini Embedded Computer with Kintex-7 FPGA & FMC I/O Site & Integrated Timing Support

The mini-K7 is a user-customizable, turnkey embedded instrument that includes a full Windows/Linux PC and supports a wide assortment of ultimate-performance FMC modules. With its modular I/O, scalable performance, and easy to use PC architecture, the mini-K7 reduces time-to- market while providing the performance you need.



  • Combines an industry-standard COM Express CPU module with a single FMC I/O module in an extremely compact, stand alone design
  • Programmable Kintex 7 325/410 and Spartan 6 FPGAs
  • Small form factor: 4” H x 7” W x 10” D
  • Conduction cooled design: Fins or cold-plate
  • Stand-alone operation: Able to operate headless, booting from SSD
  • Windows, Linux OS support. RTOS availability
  • Single VITA 57 FMC IO module site. Add anything from RF receivers to industrial control modules
  • Integrated timing and triggering support for IO includes GPS or IEEE1588 -disciplined clock
  • Supports Innovative and third-party FMC modules for private data channels, triggering and timing features
  • 4 USB ports, 1Gb Ethernet, SATA (up to 4), DisplayPort Touch Screen
  • Up to 2 SSD (1.8 in)
  • AC or DC operation


  • Embedded Instrumentation
  • Remote, Autonomous IO
  • Mobile Instrumentation
  • Distributed Data Acquisition
  • Download Datasheet PDF

Distributed Data Acquisition – Put the mini-K7 at the data source and reduce system errors and complexity. Optional GPS or IEEE1588-synchronized timing, triggering and sample control is available for remote I/O. Limitless expansion via multiple nodes. Up to 4 SSD for data logging.

Uniquely customizable – dual FMC sites for IO, user- programmable FPGA for IO interfaces, triggering and timing control, USB ports.

Remote or Local Operation – Continuous data streaming up to 3200 MB/s to SSD or Gb/s Ethernet. Optional, stand- alone, autonomous operation with GPS-synchronized sampling.

Rugged – SSD boot drive support in a compact, rugged footprint that is ready for embedded operation.

9-18V DC-Only Operation – Perfect for portable or automotive data loggers or waveform generators.

Block Diagram

Cardsharp Block Diagram

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