Superconducting 16-Qubit Controller & Readout System

Scalable Open-VPX System for More Than 16-Qubit Synchronous Control and Readout
Innovative Integration has been a leading supplier in the real-time embedded system market for more than 30 years, and is proud to be the control and readout system provider to many key players in the quantum computing field. Using high-speed, low-latency X6-1000M modules inside a compact VPX PC, a synchronous system to control and measure up to 32 entangled qubits is readily configured. With state-of-the-art FPGA technology, quantum computing engineers perform FFTs and generate waveforms to synchronously control qubits within 250 ns. A low-latency system is valuable for performing as many operations as possible before quantum decoherence occurs.



  • 16-qubit compact VPX control and readout system; up-to 32-qubit
  • Synchronous, high-speed, low latency
  • 32x 1GHz, 16-bit D/As; 32x 1GHz, 12-bit A/Ds
  • Low latency crossbar switch for qubit synchronization; 4 digital IOs per qubit
  • Built-in precise digital sequencer for peripheral devices control
  • One Xilinx FPGA per qubit for real-time DSP/FFT/state estimation
  • Graphical FPGA firmware devkit using Matlab/Simulink and Xilinx System Generator
  • NOT include external microwave sources, mixers, filters, attenuators, refrigerator

6-qubit control and measurement system

Block Diagram

Cardsharp Block Diagram

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