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Innovative Integration is a data acquisition company that designs embedded electronics with digital & analog interfaces and FPGAs for digital signal processing, software radio and data acquisition applications used in industrial and rugged environments.


FMC Module with Dual 10 Gb Ethernet Ports

  • FMC-10GE

Block Diagram
  • FMC-10GE

Ruggedization Level Table
  • Ruggedization Level Table

FMC-10GE Peripherals

Quick Specs
Part Number: 80265
Family: FMC
Bus Type: FMC
Bus Width:
Bus Speed:
Form Factor: FMC
Interfaces: Ethernet
Functions: Data Acquisition
DSP Quantity: 0
DSP Speed (total):
FPGA Size:
FPGA Quantity: 0
A/D Channels: 0
A/D Resolution:
A/D Rate:
D/A Channels: 0
D/A Resolution:
D/A Rate:
Digital IO:
  • Two independent 10GBASE-T interfaces with SR-IOV support
  • 10 GbE/1 GbE/100 Mb/s copper PHYs integrated on-chip
  • PCIe 2.1 (2.5GT/s or 5GT/s), Bus width — x1, x2, x4, x8
  • Support for jumbo frames of up to 15.5 KB
  • Flow control support: send/receive pause frames and receive FIFO thresholds
  • TCP segmentation offload: up to 256 KB
  • IPv6 support for IP/TCP and IP/UDP receive checksum offload
  • Fragmented UDP checksum offload for packet reassembly
  • Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI)
  • Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI-X)
  • Interrupt throttling control to limit maximum interrupt rate and improve CPU usage
  • 128 transmit queues
  • Receive packet split header
  • Receive header replication
  • Dynamic interrupt moderation
  • DCA support
  • TCP timer interrupts
  • No snoop
  • Relaxed ordering

    (Note: module NIC requires enumeration and control via PCIe root master)
  • Remote embedded communications
  • Wide area DAQ meshes

FMC-10GE Overview

FMC-10GE provides two 10 Gb Ethernet ports on a standard FMC module. Two, standard RJ45 connectors support connection to standard CAT6e networks providing high speed connectivity to PCs, servers embedded computers such as Innovative's ePC products or custom, intelligent IO. Aggregated burst rates of up to 20 Gbps are achievable.

The two 10GE ports are fully independent on the module. Monitoring and control signals are mapped to the FMC interface for detection, loss- of-signal, rate and device control.

The FMC-10GE is fully electrically compatible with FMC (ANSI/VITA 57) specifications for IO module. Mechanically, the module will fit FMC sites, but the onboard, Intel X540 network controller (NIC) dissipates up to 13.5Wm necessitating use of a heat spreader attached to the carrier capable of managing the heat flow.

Unlike typical FMC modules, the NIC onboard the FMC-10GE must be enumerated and controlled as a PCIe device, typically under the control of a general purpose processor, rather than an FPGA. No VHDL-based control framework is available. Rather, this module must be used in conjunction with an FMC carrier capable of providing up to eight high- speed SERDES to the NIC which fully implement the PCIe 2.1 prototcol, such as FMC site 1 on Innovative's ePC-K7 product.

The FMC-10GE works with legacy Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switches and Cat 6A cabling. Install into an ePC-K7 and the auto-negotiation between 1 GbE and 10 GbE provides a smooth transition and easy migration to 10 GbE. When time and budget allows, 10GBASE-T switches can be added to your network to experience the full benefits of 10 GbE.

Software libraries and examples for C++ host development are provided. Application examples demonstrating the module features are provided for Innovative Integration platforms in for Windows and Linux.

The combination of FMC-10GE and Innovative ePC-K7 provides a powerful, stand-alone, FPGA-based wireless transceiver.

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