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Innovative Integration is a data acquisition company that designs embedded electronics with digital & analog interfaces and FPGAs for digital signal processing, software radio and data acquisition applications used in industrial and rugged environments.


300 MHz C6713 DSP, Spartan-3 FPGA, 4 A/D, 16 bit, 25MHz and 4 D/A, 16 bit, 50MHz, 65 bits digital I/O, 64-bit PCI

  • P25M

Block Diagram

Ruggedization Level Table
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P25M Peripherals

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Quick Specs
Part Number: 80169-1
Family: Matador
Bus Type: PCI
Bus Width: 64-bit
Bus Speed: 33MHz
Form Factor: Half-length Desktop PCI
Interfaces: FIFO · Sync Serial · Parallel (Digital)
Functions: DSP - Digital Signal Processor · FPGA
DSP: C6713
DSP Quantity: 1
DSP Speed (total): 900 MFLOPS
FPGA: Spartan-3A
FPGA Size: 1M or 2M
FPGA Quantity: 1
A/D Channels: 4
A/D Resolution: 16-bit
A/D Rate: 25 MSPS
D/A Channels: 4
D/A Resolution: 16-bit
D/A Rate: 50 MSPS
Digital IO: 64-bit
Peripherals: 67021 · 80022-3 · 80022-4
  • 300MHz TMS320C6713 DSP
  • PCI 64-bit/66MHz
  • >85 db SFDR analog IO
  • Xilinx 1M gate Spartan3 FPGA
  • 65 bits digital IO
  • Precision, low jitter sample clock
  • Extensive software support in source form
  • Custom logic development supported for FPGA
  • DSP/BIOS peripheral drivers
  • PCI based real-time control
  • High-end data capture & playback
  • Industrial high-speed controls
  • Stimulus-response measurements
  • OEM instruments

P25M Overview

P25M is a powerful and flexible DSP + FPGA for signal processing and real-time control in PCI systems. The P25M PCI card features a 300 MHz floating point DSP and 1M gate FPGA with 4 channels of 25MSPS, 16-bit A/D and 4 channels of 50MSPS, 16-bit D/A. Supporting this open-architecture hardware platform, the Pismo software tool set provides target and host libraries, practical utilities and numerous example programs that illustrate the use of all board peripherals. The FrameWork Logic development tools provide comprehensive support for adding signal processing to the FPGA. The full-featured logic and DSP programming tools greatly accelerate all facets of the system development.

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