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Innovative Integration is a data acquisition company that designs embedded electronics with digital & analog interfaces and FPGAs for digital signal processing, software radio and data acquisition applications used in industrial and rugged environments.


(4) 6416 DSPs, 1GHz - 4-5 Mgate Virtex-II Pro FPGA - PICMG2.17 StarFabric - (2) PMC/XMC Sites - Rocket I/O - 64-bit cPCI board

  • Quadia

Block Diagram

Ruggedization Level Table
  • Ruggedization Level Table

Quadia Peripherals

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Quick Specs
Part Number: 80089-1 · 80089-2 · 80089-3
Family: Velocia
Bus Type: CompactPCI
Bus Width: 64-bit
Bus Speed: 133 MHz
Form Factor: 6U
Interfaces: SFP
Functions: Digital Receiver · DSP - Digital Signal Processor · FPGA · Software Radio ·
DSP: C6416
DSP Quantity: 4
DSP Speed (total): 32000 MIPS
FPGA: Virtex-II Pro
FPGA Size: 4M or 5M
FPGA Quantity: 2
A/D Channels: 0
A/D Resolution: Via PMC sites
A/D Rate: Via PMC sites
D/A Channels: 0
D/A Resolution: Via PMC sites
D/A Rate: Via PMC sites
Digital IO: 128-bit
Peripherals: 67021 · 80157-0
  • 1 GHz TMS320C6416 DSP (x4)
  • 64MB SDRAM per Processor
  • Flexible internal/external communication mesh
  • 64-bit/66MHz CompactPCI
  • Two PMC Sites with Jn4 to FPGA
  • External Data Port, up to 12Gbit/s
  • Two 4M Gate FPGA reserved for end-user code
  • Up to two 2MB private DDR SBSRAM
  • Up to two 128MB private DDR SDRAM
  • Up to 512MB Global DDR SDRAM
  • High-End Co-Processing
  • Wireless, Broadband Communications
  • Video
  • Biometrics
  • Signal Intelligence
  • Electronic Warfare

Quadia Overview

Quadia is a quad-DSP, dual FPGA, dual PMC sites, compactPCI board with an advanced architecture that provides the best inter-processor connectivity and access to the finest external interfaces available today, to deliver blazing performance and extreme flexibility for advanced signal capture and realtime processing applications.

The board features four C6416 DSPs split in two independent clusters each hosting a PMC site and one large FPGA for end-user code, a central FPGA routing interprocessor communication, end-user FPGA communication, external port serial I/O for PCI-Express or other private link, global memory and PCI interface. Quadia is an ideal platform for integrating high performance DSP and I/O into advanced signal processing, data acquisition and real-time applications such as telecom, RADAR, SONAR and wireless communications.

Top-level performance and amazing flexibility and ease-of-use are obtained through an innovative integration of the most advanced devices, large independent logic chips exclusively for enduser, and the best utilization of today's high-speed communication protocols.

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