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Innovative Integration is a data acquisition company that designs embedded electronics with digital & analog interfaces and FPGAs for digital signal processing, software radio and data acquisition applications used in industrial and rugged environments.


300 MHz C6713 DSP, (2) OMNIBUS module I/O sites, 10/100 Ethernet Port, Serial Port, 600 Kgate XC2S600E Spartan2E FPGA

  • SBC6713e

Block Diagram

Ruggedization Level Table
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SBC6713e Peripherals

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Quick Specs
Part Number: 80107-1 · 80107-2
Family: Solomente
Bus Type: Ethernet
Bus Width: RS232
Bus Speed: Ethernet 10/100
Form Factor: 3U
Interfaces: Ethernet · FIFO · RS232/485 · Sync Serial · Parallel (Digital)
Functions: Bus Adapter · DSP - Digital Signal Processor · FPGA
DSP: C6713
DSP Quantity: 1
DSP Speed (total): 1800 MFLOPS
FPGA: Spartan-IIe
FPGA Size: 600 K Spartan-IIe
FPGA Quantity: 0
A/D Channels: 0
A/D Resolution: Via OMNI
A/D Rate: Via OMNI
D/A Channels: 0
D/A Resolution: Via OMNI
D/A Rate: Via OMNI
Digital IO: 32-bit
Peripherals: 90061-EU · 90061-UK · 90061-US · 65060 · 80051-0 · 80051-1 · 80051-2 · 80051-3 · 67013 · 80022-4 · 80079-0
  • 300MHz TMS320C6713DSP (Floating Point)
  • Two OMNIBUS I/O Expansion Sites
  • 10/100 Ethernet, RS232 Port
  • FPDP Data Port to 200 MB/s
  • Capable of 100% Stand-Alone Operation
  • 600K gate Spartan-IIE for user-code (optional)
  • Wide Selection of Analog Input/Output
  • Numerous System-level Peripherals
  • 3U Size 100mm x 160mm
  • Embedded Control
  • Remote data acquisition
  • Industrial Test & Measurement
  • OEM instrumentation

SBC6713e Overview

SBC6713e is a high-performance, flexible, stand-alone DSP board with Ethernet connectivity, loaded with I/O peripherals. Built around the powerful, C-friendly, 300MHz floating point C6713 DSP, it is a fully open platform with 15+ off-the-shelf OMNIBUS I/O modules available that provide a wide choice of A/D and D/A and also support simple EMIF bus interface to custom IO daughter cards. TCP/IP is running on a dedicated DM642 co-processor to preserve the C6713 for user-code and other peripheral controls. System-level integration is facilitated with on-board digital IO, DDS timebase, external clock input, multi-card sync, FPDPPort data links, 2MB flash ROM and watchdog. One Spartan-IIE FPGA of up to 600 Kgates is available for implementing custom logic interfaces or hardware accelerated signal processing. In a compact 160mmx100mm 3U form factor, SBC6713e is the prime choice for high-end embedded control, remote data acquisition, industrial real-time sub-systems and sophisticated OEM instrumentation.

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