Innovative Integration provides board-level hardware products that integrate the best analog I/O and reconfigurable FPGAs to provide cost-effective solutions for challenging data acquisition and signal processing applications.
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¤TypeNameDSPSpeedFPGABusA/D Ch.A/D Res.A/D RateD/A Ch.D/A Res.D/A RateDigital I/O↓Form Factor
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-25M84 / 126 DSP48 Elements105 MHzSpartan-3APCI Express216-bit105 MSPS216-bit50 MSPS64-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-Servo84 / 126 DSP48 Elements105 MHzSpartan-3APCI Express1216-bit250 kSPS1216-bit1 MSPS56-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX6-400MVirtex-6PCI Express214-bit400 MSPS216-bit500 MSPS48-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-10M84 / 126 DSP48 Elements105 MHzSpartan-3APCI Express816-bit25 MSPS0044-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-A4D484 / 126 DSP48 Elements105 MHzSpartan-3APCI Express416-bit4 MSPS416-bit10 MSPS44-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-SD32 Embedded Multipliers75 MHzSpartan-3PCI Express1624-bit216 kSPS044-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-SDF32 Embedded Multipliers75 MHzSpartan-3PCI Express416-bit20 MSPS044-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-SD1632 Embedded Multipliers75 MHzSpartan-3APCI Express1624-bit144 kSPS1624-bit144 kSPS44-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX6-1000M768 - 1344 DSP48 Elements500 MHzVirtex-6PCI Express212-bit1 GSPS216-bit1 GSPS32-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX6-GSPS640 DSP48 Elements250 MHzVirtex-6PCI Express212-bit1.8 GSPS032-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX6-250MVirtex-6PCI Express814-bit250 MSPS032-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX6-RX768 - 1344 DSP48 Elements300 MHzVirtex-6PCI Express416-bit160 MSPS016-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-DIO84 / 126 DSP48 Elements105 MHzSpartan-3APCI Express00112-bitXMC
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterPCI Express X1 Cable AdapterNo FPGAPCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterXMC to PCI Express Adapter BoardNo FPGAPCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterXMC to PCI Express Adapter Board (8-lane)No FPGAPCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hiliteData LoggersAndaleNo FPGAPCI Express00Custom
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterCabled eInstrument
(eInstrument - DAQ Node)
No FPGAPCI Express00Custom
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterXMCtocPCI
(XMC to CompactPCI Adapter)
No FPGACompactPCI003U
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-TimingNo FPGAPCI Express00XMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-2MSpartan-3APCI Express00XMC
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterCPEX4No FPGAPCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterCPEX4 HubNo FPGAPCI Express00Custom
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-10GENo FPGAFMC00FMC
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterXMC to PCI Express Adapter Board (8-lane_X6)
(XMC to PCIe Adapter Board (8-lane))
No FPGAPCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hilitePCIe CardPEX6-COPVirtex-6PCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-SFPplus
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-500No FPGAFMC214-bit500 MSPS216-bit1230 MSPSFMC
Toggle hiliteSystem on a ChipLVDT-ServoARM Cortex-A9Zynq Z7045Ethernet00Stand-Alone
Toggle hiliteEmbedded PCePC-K7Kintex-7Ethernet00Custom
Toggle hiliteEmbedded PCMini-K7
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-QSFPplus
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-250No FPGAFMC216-bit250 MSPS216-bit1200 MSPSFMC
Toggle hiliteEmbedded PCePC-DuoNo FPGAEthernet00Custom
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-310No FPGAFMC416-bit310 MSPS0FMC
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-1000No FPGAFMC214-bit1250 MSPS216-bit1250 MSPSFMC
Toggle hiliteEmbedded PCePC-Nano
No FPGAEthernet00Custom
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleAtroposNo FPGAPCI Express00XMC
Toggle hiliteSystem on a ChipCardsharpARM Cortex-A9Zynq Z7045Ethernet00Stand-Alone
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-ServoNo FPGAFMC816-bit500 kSPS816-bit.5μs Setting TimeFMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleXU-TXKintex UltraScalePCI Express0216-bit6 GSPSXMC
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterPXIe XMC x8 Lane AdapterNo FPGAPXIe003U
Toggle hiliteSystem on a ChipCOPious-PXIeZynq Z7045PXIe003U
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleXA-160MArtix-7PCI Express216-bit160 MSPS216-bit615 MSPSXMC
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-SDFNo FPGAFMC00FMC
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterPCIe-XMC x8 AdapterNo FPGAPCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleXA-RXArtix-7PCI Express816-bit125 MSPS0XMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleXA-TXArtix-7PCI Express0816-bit300 MSPSXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC Modulenano-10GENo FPGAPCI Express00XMC
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterAXIe-XMCNo FPGAAXIe00Single AXIe