Innovative Integration provides board-level hardware products that integrate the best analog I/O and reconfigurable FPGAs to provide cost-effective solutions for challenging data acquisition and signal processing applications.
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¤TypeNameDSPSpeedFPGA↓BusA/D Ch.A/D Res.A/D RateD/A Ch.D/A Res.D/A RateDigital I/OForm Factor
Toggle hiliteSystem on a ChipLVDT-ServoARM Cortex-A9Zynq Z7045Ethernet00Stand-Alone
Toggle hiliteSystem on a ChipCardsharpARM Cortex-A9Zynq Z7045Ethernet00Stand-Alone
Toggle hiliteSystem on a ChipCOPious-PXIeZynq Z7045PXIe003U
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX6-RX768 - 1344 DSP48 Elements300 MHzVirtex-6PCI Express416-bit160 MSPS016-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX6-400MVirtex-6PCI Express214-bit400 MSPS216-bit500 MSPS48-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX6-1000M768 - 1344 DSP48 Elements500 MHzVirtex-6PCI Express212-bit1 GSPS216-bit1 GSPS32-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX6-GSPS640 DSP48 Elements250 MHzVirtex-6PCI Express212-bit1.8 GSPS032-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCIe CardPEX6-COPVirtex-6PCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX6-250MVirtex-6PCI Express814-bit250 MSPS032-bitXMC
Toggle hiliteVPX CardVPX-COMEXSpartan-6VPX00VPX
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-10M84 / 126 DSP48 Elements105 MHzSpartan-3APCI Express816-bit25 MSPS0044-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-DIO84 / 126 DSP48 Elements105 MHzSpartan-3APCI Express00112-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-25M84 / 126 DSP48 Elements105 MHzSpartan-3APCI Express216-bit105 MSPS216-bit50 MSPS64-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-A4D484 / 126 DSP48 Elements105 MHzSpartan-3APCI Express416-bit4 MSPS416-bit10 MSPS44-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-Servo84 / 126 DSP48 Elements105 MHzSpartan-3APCI Express1216-bit250 kSPS1216-bit1 MSPS56-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-2MSpartan-3APCI Express00XMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-SD1632 Embedded Multipliers75 MHzSpartan-3APCI Express1624-bit144 kSPS1624-bit144 kSPS44-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-SD32 Embedded Multipliers75 MHzSpartan-3PCI Express1624-bit216 kSPS044-bitXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-SDF32 Embedded Multipliers75 MHzSpartan-3PCI Express416-bit20 MSPS044-bitXMC
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterPCI Express X1 Cable AdapterNo FPGAPCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterXMC to PCI Express Adapter BoardNo FPGAPCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterXMC to PCI Express Adapter Board (8-lane)No FPGAPCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hiliteData LoggersAndaleNo FPGAPCI Express00Custom
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterCabled eInstrument
(eInstrument - DAQ Node)
No FPGAPCI Express00Custom
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterXMCtocPCI
(XMC to CompactPCI Adapter)
No FPGACompactPCI003U
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleX3-TimingNo FPGAPCI Express00XMC
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterCPEX4No FPGAPCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterCPEX4 HubNo FPGAPCI Express00Custom
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-10GENo FPGAFMC00FMC
Toggle hiliteVPX CardXMC Adapter for 3U OpenVPXNo FPGAVPX003U
Toggle hiliteVPX CardVPXI Expansion ChassisNo FPGAVPX00Custom
Toggle hiliteEmbedded PCVPXI ePC
No FPGAVPX00Custom
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterXMC to PCI Express Adapter Board (8-lane_X6)
(XMC to PCIe Adapter Board (8-lane))
No FPGAPCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hiliteVPX CardRTM-ComExNo FPGAVPX00VPX
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-SFPplus
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-500No FPGAFMC214-bit500 MSPS216-bit1230 MSPSFMC
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-QSFPplus
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-250No FPGAFMC216-bit250 MSPS216-bit1200 MSPSFMC
Toggle hiliteEmbedded PCePC-DuoNo FPGAEthernet00Custom
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-310No FPGAFMC416-bit310 MSPS0FMC
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-1000No FPGAFMC214-bit1250 MSPS216-bit1250 MSPSFMC
Toggle hiliteEmbedded PCePC-Nano
No FPGAEthernet00Custom
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleAtroposNo FPGAPCI Express00XMC
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-ServoNo FPGAFMC816-bit500 kSPS816-bit.5μs Setting TimeFMC
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterPXIe XMC x8 Lane AdapterNo FPGAPXIe003U
Toggle hiliteFMC ModuleFMC-SDFNo FPGAFMC00FMC
Toggle hiliteBus AdapterPCIe-XMC x8 AdapterNo FPGAPCI Express00Half-length Desktop PCI
Toggle hiliteEmbedded PCePC-K7Kintex-7Ethernet00Custom
Toggle hiliteEmbedded PCMini-K7
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleXU-TXKintex UltraScalePCI Express0216-bit6 GSPSXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleXU-RTKintex UltraScalePCI Express214-bit2.5 GSPS216-bit2.8 GSPSXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleXA-160MArtix-7PCI Express216-bit160 MSPS216-bit615 MSPSXMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleXA-RXArtix-7PCI Express816-bit125 MSPS0XMC
Toggle hilitePCI Express XMC ModuleXA-TXArtix-7PCI Express0816-bit300 MSPSXMC