Software / Firmware Resource Center

Windows Installations
“InstallFromWeb” is a small utility program designed to automate the process of retrieving and installing the latest version of software tool sets and documentation for Innovative Integration DSP and data acquisition products from the II website.  It runs on a Windows PC.

Linux Installations
For use with Linux OS, use a Windows PC to download the files and transfer them to the target Linux PC in a /usr/Innovative folder.  Change permission on the “” script to make it executable.  Launch to complete the installation.


The InstallFromWeb utility, connects automatically to the Innovative Integration software  / firmware server at startup. After connecting, choose the operating system type.  The current product list will be displayed on the Innovative Integration Installer GUI.

ll package versions are compared to the versions of any Innovative Integration software products which may be installed on your local PC. Click the “Download” button to begin the download process for the latest software, firmware, and document packages.

After InstallFromWeb downloads all update files contained in a user-specified package, that product may be directly installed on your local PC by simply clicking the Launch Setup button on the Innovative Integration Installer GUI.  Select the products you want to install drivers and or software for.  This installs all drivers, software Applets and Examples, Documentation, and Framework Logic firmware and images.

Note that the Framework Logic files are password protected. Consult or with verification of purchase to obtain the password.

InstallFromWeb supports storage of the downloaded software to any directory on your local PC. By default, software is stored in “C:\Users\[user]\Downloads\II_Download” folder. However, you may freely change this default directory location, to facilitate access to downloaded software update files from another PC on your network. This feature is useful in situations where the development PC is not web-enabled.

Download Software Installation